shipping info

Shipping Information

shipping chocolates is a tricky business. and while we are not a professional mail order business, we’ll do our best to make sure your goodies show up in the best possible condition. 70*F is the cutoff temp for shipping chocolate. when shipping chocolates between may 1 and september 30, we will automatically include ice and cooling materials necessary to ensure that your chocolate arrives in good condition. please note that this will be an extra expense. for orders that would be over an 8 hr drive, 2nd day shipping is recommended. if your order is placed outside of this time window and is going to a destination that is >70*F, please choose the appropriate shipping method. (ie. 2nd day).

please note that refunds for chocolate are not accepted and once it leaves our hands we have no no way of ensuring its well-being. andichocolates is not responsible for delayed deliveries due to poor weather conditions, natural disasters, etc. orders placed thurs-sunday will be shipped on monday to prevent melting. during other times of the year there is a flat charge of $5 for shipping and handling for each destination. this charge applies to smaller orders of $50 or less for one destination. the chocolate you order may not be readily in stock. please note that it may not be sent out immediately after you order and there might be a 1-2 day delay. we apologize for this inconvience, however, just know that the lucky recipient will have the freshest chocolate possible! if this is the case with your chocolate, you will be contacted to know the status of your order.