why do these truffles look different?

it’s true. each chocolate is unique being every single one is made by hand. andi grew up on the farm and there is just something about home cooking that can’t be beat. we don’t use molds. only hand crafted, hand dipped over here!

how long do they last?

chocolate does better in a cooler environment (betwen 50-68 deg F). our chocolates are freshest at this temperatur for 6 weeks. that being said, they have been kept in an un-air conditioned house for 2 weeks in the middle of summer and they still look pretty good. for the longest lasting results keep them cool in the fridge. then again – who can resist chocolate for that long? that’d be shameful.

can i suggest flavors?

absolutely! we are always open to flavor suggestions and willing to throw anything in chocolate at least once. rotating seasonal flavors are always in development. shoot over a flavor idea and we’ll at least give it a test run.

can i suggest retail locations?

yes! we don’t get out as much as we should as we’re in the kitchen…a lot. if there is a shortage of good chocolate somewhere we definitely need to get on that. please, keep us in mind!

how long does it take to make a batch of chocolate?

heavens…it just depends on how much is needed. basically the process is as follows: infuse flavors into the chocolate. let it set up. form into balls. let it set up. round off the corners. let it set up. dip chocolates and top. trim any feet. wrap in foil. its a labor of love and makes us smile every time.

can i freeze my truffles?

yes they freeze ok. personally freezing takes some of the flavor away but they’re still edible. try to gradually warm them or expect some condensation on them. rapid temperature changes will also make your chocolates prone to cracking.

what is in store for andichocolates?

andi is always looking for innovative ways to promote chocolate. after all, it was a medicinal remedy at one point in time – people need it! we love working with small local businesses but am also looking forward to developing more corporate marketing partnerships as well as beginning a truffle club.