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the ragin’ cajun red chili/sea salt

add some sugar, some spice and make everything nice. kick it up with some chili. don’t worry, it’s awesomeness...

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the ‘nickers homemades ‘nickers bar

and who can say no to a ‘nickers bar?  full of peanut buttery marshmallow goodness, caramely peanut layer...

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the indecisive elf christmas sampler

whats your favorite color? can’t choose? that’s ok. this pack is perfect for you, my indecisive elf friend....

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the barrell- Breckenridge whiskey

so strong you’ll grow a ‘stache.  and quite possibly the most discreet way to get your buzz on. you’re welcome....

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the small bundle

    great things come in small packages and that is no exception at andichocolates. small bundles include 2...

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the small Christmas bundle

there is nothing worse than giving OR receiving aunt melody’s re-gifted knitted sweater. this year get them...

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