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the carmelita salted caramel

its ooey gooey soft and chewy, with that little touch of salt that’s hard to resist. personally recommended with...

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the pb&j-less peanut butter

feeling a bit nutty today? why shouldn’t you? peanuts have been shown to improve functional brain capacity up to...

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the tokyo wasabi & crystallized ginger

go ahead, snag some sake and have a small party in your mouth. If your feeling generous, grab 3 friends and...

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the ragin’ cajun red chili/sea salt

add some sugar, some spice and make everything nice. kick it up with some chili. don’t worry, it’s awesomeness...

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the small bundle

    great things come in small packages and that is no exception at andichocolates. small bundles include 2...

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the big bundle

    there is nothing worse than re-gifting aunt melody’s knitted sweater.  get them something...

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